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It is common to hear the word loan and think of something bad. After all, especially when we are already indebted, we do not want to accumulate more debt in our pockets. However, there are a variety of circumstances where making a personal loan online is a good option.

How Do Personal Loans Work?

How Do Personal Loans Work?

Some loans are intended for a specific purchase. You buy a home with a real estate financing, you buy a car with automobile financing and you pay your college with a student loan, like the FIES.

But a personal loan can be used for just about anything. Some lenders want to know what you will do with the money they will lend you, but as long as you borrow it for a responsible and legal reason, you can do whatever you want with it.

And what’s the difference to online personal loan?

And what

As the name already says, personal loan online is done over the internet. Basically, the service is the same as if you were going to the bank to make your request. The big difference is in the convenience.

Instead of facing queues and persuading a bank manager why you need the money, you can make your request without leaving the house and wait for approval in a few days. Fast, debureaucratized and uncomplicated.

But attention is needed! As we talked about in the beginning, personal loans are not always a bad thing, but you should know how to use it wisely to really manage to keep your financial health on track.

Here are four circumstances where an online personal loan might be a good idea:

  1. Pay the credit card

It is no secret that the credit card’s interest rates are high. Even with the new changes of the Central Bank, which have changed the way banks can charge these fees, using the rotary card can cost you more than taking out a personal loan online. So, look at interest rates and see if by taking out the loan to pay off the full amount of your invoice you will be paying less than if you stay depending on the rotary.

  1. Remove debts

Accrued accounts can also mean paying higher interest rates than an online personal loan. Of course the first step is to make a good personal financial control to understand where you can cut spending and get everything up to date. However, online personal loan can be a good option so you do not spend several months “strangled” with the debts.

  1. Financing a purchase

This will depend on whether the purchase is a will or a necessity. For example, if you are going to buy a new washing machine because your old one has broken, it may be more interesting to take a personal loan online than to do the direct store credit. But remember: never make a decision in the store. Ask the seller for an offer and compare it to what you could get by way of a personal loan. So you can decide calmly which is the right choice.

  1. Pay a course

Training is currently essential in the job market, and you may realize that without a particular course, you will not be able to evolve in your career. So, using a personal loan online to pay for the course and achieving a salary increase is a very valid option. The same goes for language courses abroad (exchange) that also value the curriculum.

In addition to these situations, personal loans can also be a good way to renovate a property or open a new business, for example. The key is to research interest rates well and ensure that you borrow your loan from a reference platform.

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 Personal Loans to be repaid in 6 to 12 months Mon, 08 Apr 2019 16:47:20 +0000

The Term to pay of the Loans will depend a lot on the amount of money requested and sometimes if the amount that is needed is less than 1,000 euros, you can look for other alternatives to the traditional credits of the banks. For example, having a credit card with cash. Or ask for an overdraft to the bank until the payroll amount is received.

Ask for Quick Credits to return in 6 months

Ask for Quick Credits to return in 6 months

Popularly known as Quick Credits that are mainly granted by online financial companies that operate on the Internet, the maximum term granted to return the money is 30 days and in some exceptions up to 45 days.

Therefore, a quick credit whose amount will be less than 1,000 euros will not be easy to get an entity to grant us a period of 6 months to return the money.

However, if the amount is somewhat higher to cover emergency expenses, there are other alternatives such as asking the bank where the payroll has an advance payment of the same. Generally all entities have a loan product concept of payroll advance. in these cases they usually advance up to 6 months of salary and grant up to 3 years to pay off.

Another alternative to get a loan to pay in 6 to 12 months, is to pay with the credit card and request the deferred payment of the debt instead of making the payment at the end of the month as usual.

Obtain a loan to pay in 12 months while in financial credit institutions

Obtain a loan to pay in 12 months while in financial credit institutions

But what can happen if the applicant is on a list of defaulters, mainly the financial credit institutions registry.

We have already commented on other articles. The financial institution will first consult the records of unpaid. If the applicant is on a list of defaulters, surely their loan will not be approved. There are possibilities to get loans while in financial credit institutions. However, it is not the case of operations to be paid in the short term up to 12 months.

To get money with financial credit institutions, you have to have some property free of charges in order for the bank or savings bank or financial case to ensure the collection of capital and interest and in these cases deliver a not very high percentage about the value of housing. (probably up to 60% of the appraised value).

Fee or bill payable for credits to be amortized in 6 months

Fee or bill payable for credits to be amortized in 6 months

The interest rate paid for short-term operations to pay before one year. It is usually somewhat more expensive than long-term loans such as mortgages or car loans. For example, if you request a loan of 1,000 Euros to be repaid in 6 months. The monthly payment to be paid would be 170.08 euros calculated at 7% interest of TIN:

If the same amount of 1,000 euros is amortized in 12 months at the same interest rate of 7%. The monthly letter would be 86.52 euros.

Another example: 3.000 euros to pay in 6 months : monthly fee of 510.25 euros. And if the return period is 12 months : 259.58

Fee to pay for credit of 5,000 euros to be repaid in 6 months : Fee 850,42. If the Loan is paid in 12 months 432.63 euros.

You can make your own calculations for other amounts, terms and different interest rates in our Loans calculator

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Loans online without payroll Fri, 15 Mar 2019 16:49:59 +0000

Many people today want to apply for a loan without a paycheck. Just think, for example, of illegal workers, housewives, university students who do not always have a fixed income. For this reason today as today, also given a certain situation of economic crisis, there are several banks and financial institutions that offer the possibility of obtaining Loans online without payroll.

We have the case of those who have a fixed income, such as a rental fee or a maintenance check: this is not a pay slip but a good guarantee that can also be sufficient, in some cases, to justify a loan.

To apply for loans without a pay slip, you must first have adequate guarantees to give to the bank or finance company. Obviously if you have no guarantee it will be really difficult to ask for a loan. Instead, even without a pay slip but with suitable guarantees, the financing roads can open in front of you.

What guarantees do you offer the bank to get a loan without a paycheck?

What guarantees do you offer the bank to get a loan without a paycheck?

First of all, if you have a secondary entry, you can try to ask to use it as a guarantee. Or you can always turn to a guarantor who can, in fact, guarantee the bank that he will pay in case of default. Usually the guarantor is a friend or family member. Or you can put a mortgage on a property or a lien on a valuable movable, in order to convince the bank to grant the loan even without pay.

The last solution is that of loan changes, which are however the real last resort as it is a really expensive loan and which authorizes the bank to take the money from the defaulting debtor without going through legal channels.

Having said that, pay close attention to the terms of the contract. Loans online without payroll can also be very convenient, despite what you may think: but you have to pay close attention to the contractual conditions because they could imply hidden costs and very high interest rates compared to classic loans.

Always check the interest rate, it shouldn’t be too high or the loan will prove really inconvenient. Obviously if you have few guarantees it is normal for the bank to raise the rate. But always pay attention because it must not exceed the rate of wear, that is to say the legal thresholds above which the rate is considered usurer and therefore illegal.

The paycheck or the payslip of the pension represent for the credit institutions the most solid guarantees regarding the economic capacities of their clients: in practice, proving to have a regular and constant income over time, who requests a loan is also giving try to have the possibility to repay it; getting loans without pay and guarantor is not easy at all, but it is not impossible.

Are there loans without a pay slip and a guarantor?

Are there loans without a pay slip and a guarantor?

It is not impossible, but we must also consider that loans without payroll and without guarantor are operations that for banks involve a decidedly higher risk than other loans, therefore the amounts granted cannot be very high (practically impossible to obtain more than 5,000 euros) and the interest rates applied on the sums paid out are higher. It should also be noted that “without payroll” does not mean “without guarantee”, on the contrary: obtaining a loan without showing the bank the possibility of being able to somehow return the money received is unthinkable.

The alternative guarantee most welcome by banks and financial institutions is the presence of a guarantor, ie a person who undertakes to pay the repayment installments if the debtor fails to do so; there are those who cannot find a person capable of taking on this role, but there are also many who do not want to put other people in their business and prefer to obtain loans without pay and guarantor. To do this it is necessary to provide the bank with valid alternative guarantees; let’s try to see what these guarantees are that individuals like unemployed, housewives, students, irregular workers, self-employed workers, atypical workers and young entrepreneurs can present to try to get a loan.

What are the alternative guarantees

What are the alternative guarantees

Self-employed workers may present their Unique Model instead of the pay slip; for all the others there are some options: the loan must be seen as an extreme solution because it entails high costs and risks for the debtor (the failure to pay an installment starts the protest and the seizure of personal property) and because the institutions of credit are not very happy to propose this formula. We often talk about loans without a pay slip with a mortgage on a property (a bit like for mortgages), but it must be said that for small amounts the banks have no interest in accepting such a solution.

Some people do not have an income from work or retirement, but they can count on regular income that raises the possibility of having their request for funding accepted: an investment that generates constant returns, the maintenance allowance obtained after the divorce, the rent you receive for a property that is being leased is just a few examples. It is also possible to use one’s own valuable assets to obtain a loan on pledge (a widespread choice among those who have no income whatsoever and urgently needs a sum of money).

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Many consumers continue to be threatened by over-indebtedness Fri, 15 Mar 2019 15:34:14 +0000

Many consumers are still threatened with over-indebtedness

On the one hand, the fall in lending rates in the past has meant that more and more citizens in Germany, for example, could afford real estate financing. On the other hand, it can still be said that there are many consumers who are threatened with over-indebtedness. This is certainly also because it is not just a credit rate that has become unbearable over the years, which can lead to over-indebtedness.

Numerous reasons for possible over-indebtedness

The reasons why over-indebtedness can occur are relatively diverse. These include, for example, separation from the partner, unemployment, occupational disability, a prolonged inability to work and consumer spending, where the consumer has simply lived beyond his means. But even in the sum of too high credit installments due to over-borrowed loans can, of course, in many cases lead to over-indebtedness.

What is over-indebtedness?

What is over-indebtedness?

Many consumers have already heard the term over-indebtedness, but they do not know exactly what it means. Over-indebtedness, in practice, is defined as the fact that the monthly expenses practically outweigh the revenue in practice. Simplified, therefore, those persons are considered to be over-indebted, whose monthly income is insufficient to cover all regular expenses. It is not a matter of a liquidity shortage, which may occur once a few weeks or months, but from the income and expenditure account is then apparent that the expenditure is actually permanently higher than the income.

  Avoid over-indebtedness as an important step

  Avoid over-indebtedness as an important step

In many cases, for example, debt counselors state that if the affected consumers had responded in a timely manner, it would not have been over-indebted. In many cases it would have been possible to avoid the occurrence of over-indebtedness with timely intervention. This includes, for example, that expensive loans are replaced early and replaced by cheaper loans. For example, it is possible to significantly reduce the financial burden in the form of loan installments. Another step, which in most cases has potential among almost all consumers, is to reduce spending. For example, anyone who is on the verge of over-indebtedness can often forego or at least reduce a pack of cigarettes, intensive use of the smartphone, or other expenses, which, in a broader sense, are celebrated in the leisure sector. Of course, it is rarely possible to save on the fixed costs, such as electricity consumption or insurance premiums. Nevertheless, there is also the possibility to switch to cheaper offers.

Responding in time: Debt counseling can help

If it is already too late and the over-indebtedness has occurred, there is still the chance to improve the condition through active action. Those who do not do this alone, because perhaps the ideas are missing, through which measures the over-indebtedness can be gotten back under control, can trustingly turn to a debt counseling. These offers are both paid and free, because debt counseling exists, for example, in various charitable institutions. Consumer centers also often have the opportunity to help over-indebted people, or at least give good advice on how to tackle the situation and thus improve their condition.

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Debt Excerpt: How You Can Do It To Minimize It Thu, 14 Mar 2019 15:00:39 +0000

Debt write-off is of course the best way to reduce a debt. Normally, those who are in the position of having to make a request for debt write-off is a person in financial difficulty. Because of this, it can sometimes be difficult to reach an agreement. With the increasing difficulty of these last few years, more and more creditors agree to close an outstanding debt in several installments. 

Debt balance in a single solution

debt solution

Of course, by paying with a single tranche, there is an important economic benefit. The best debt write-off transactions, those above 60%, are almost always done if you pay in a lump sum. (No, it’s not a rule it’s just statistical)

For this reason, if you are thinking of closing a debt that is putting you in difficulty, it is worth thinking about an excerpt in a single solution.

Eh, surely you will say, how do I do if I have no money?

I have already tried to make a debt consolidation – very bad idea in almost all cases – but they refused it to me. Same with potatoes for the rest of the possible loans. I also have the sale of the fifth, and among other things I renewed it two years ago! So I’m cut off, nobody pays me money. Well, in the meantime he thinks that in normal circumstances, a debt, as it should be, must be paid in full.

The opportunity to get out of a serious problem, sometimes paying 60, 70 or 80% less, should push you to consider the possibility of getting help from third parties, such as close relatives, employers, recovering part of the liquidation etc. Think of ways you could get a sum of 40, 30 or 20% of the debt you have now.

In addition, you may derive a practical advantage from a creditworthiness standpoint. If you make an excerpt in installments, your name may be deleted from the databases, only after 24 months from the balance, and then from the payment of the last installment.

The more installments you make and the more time you’ll have to wait to rehabilitate yourself. 

Another possibility to get the money for an extract could also come from a refund on the sale of the fifth.

In what sense will you say? As we explain in another article, if you have closed a fifth of the fifth (in the past 10 years) in advance or renewed, you may be entitled to a refund of up to several thousand euros!

The money you could get from it could help you get an excerpt. It is not uncommon to obtain repayments even from 3,000 or more euros. Do you think you could close a debt of 10,000 euros or more! See how one of our customers closed a debt of € 27,185.87 paying only € 6,000.00 in a single payment! A 78% savings!

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Consolidate small loan despite private credit in 24 hours Thu, 28 Feb 2019 13:28:12 +0000

When advertising for a loan despite private credit in 24 hours interested parties are keenly on how this period is defined. In some cases, the time stamp has the addition »after credit check«, so that the applicant can hardly predict the actual processing time. Some banks explicitly point out in their ad that the 24-hour period is not meant literally but as an indication of accelerated lending.

Even if the financial institution actually pays out a loan within 24 hours despite private credit, this indication of the duration of the processing will precede the submission of the loan application by a fixed date, which is mainly 12.00 to 13.00. In addition, submitting the loan request before a weekend or bank holiday inevitably leads to a later payment.

A loan, despite private credit, in 24 hours is associated with higher interest rates than a standard loan, as the bank charges a mark-up for both the additional risk and the special request for accelerated application processing. For this reason, careful credit comparison is particularly important. Applicants also wonder if they really need the money within 24 hours, or if they do not get an immediate loan commitment while waiting for the money to arrive.

Is the credit transfer possible within 24 hours?

Is the credit transfer possible within 24 hours?

When using the Postident procedure, the bank can not provide the required credit, despite private credit, in 24 hours, simply because of the postal delivery time. Unless it expects to receive the relevant form, which is actually the case with some banks according to their advertising.

Faster identification procedures are available with the Video Ident and the verification of the personal details by means of the electronic identity card. In addition to acceptance by the bank, these require that the applicant’s technical requirements, such as the possession of a webcam or an ID card enabled for online applications, are met. The presentation of the ID card in a bank branch also allows credit transfer within twenty-four hours, but is only accepted by a few banks for loans applied for online.

Banks licensed in Luxembourg can generally transfer a loan in 24 hours, despite private credit, since their bank supervisory authority, in contrast to the German BaFin, accepts a copy of the ID card as proof of identity. Most Luxembourg banks handle online loans for German customers through a domestic branch. This procedure does not affect the permitted recognition of the ID card copy, but allows a private credit request. If they approve the application, they will pay the installment loan in 24 hours despite, but not without, private credit. This is conceivable for smaller amounts and a private credit characteristic marked as completed.

To existing customers, a financial institution can pay out a loan despite private credit in 24 hours, since no re-identification is required. In addition, the bank can assess the creditworthiness of the customer based on their own experience, whereby a loan is possible despite a private credit negative contribution. A mandatory requirement is that the loan applicant has so far duly met its payment obligations to the specific financial institution. The loan application at the house bank is risky in the meantime forfeited private credit negative entries, since the financial institution following the routine request may not only reject the loan request, but also repeals the discretionary credit. For this reason, credit seekers with negative private credit prefer to apply for their loan at another bank,

A new offer for the loan despite private credit in 24 hours represent short-term loans issued by specialized banks. Once a consumer has registered once, they can apply for a loan again for a maximum of two months at any time. Instead of providing credit information, these financial institutions secure themselves through an initially low credit line, which increases with each correct repayment.

Are foreign loans or personal loans payable within 24 hours?

If credit intermediaries advertise a loan in spite of private credit in 24 hours, they generally count the period from the receipt of the application to the bank, to which they convey the loan request of their customers. In this way, they ensure accelerated loan processing, as Swiss banks usually require fourteen days to review a loan application and reduce this period for instant loans to about one week.

In spite of a private credit negative entry, the loan service provider arranges the desired loan in 24 hours predominantly to a foreign, but in some cases also to a German bank. The loan disbursement of a financial institution located outside the euro area and not in Switzerland or Liechtenstein takes place predominantly as a foreign currency loan.

An organized private loan can be disbursed in 24 hours despite private credit if the applicant is already registered on the platform or uses a different identification method than the Postident. However, there is no guarantee that the requested loan will be disbursed within one day, as this will not take place until the desired amount has been drawn by one or more borrowers. The applicant increases the likelihood that his desired personal loan will be signed in 24 hours, despite private credit, by describing the intended purpose as accurately as possible. Many private lenders look first and foremost for their personal support for the use of money and less for traditional creditworthiness than traditional banks.

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The best and secure loan! Wed, 30 Jan 2019 16:41:59 +0000

Find your matching online loan and easily fulfill your dreams: cheap, fast and with instant payout. Gandalf is your partner when it comes to taking out a cheap loan and not having to go to the bank. Be it for a broken car, a dream holiday in the Caribbean, a necessary renovation in the house or just the purchase of household appliances: with Gandalf you will find financing for every occasion.

  • Cheap: Free & non-binding to the credit
  • Simple: Credit request without registration
  • Fast: Receive immediate payout to your account

Gandalf is your credit professional and will find the right loan for you. We work with banks, credit professionals and private investors to deliver the fastest results and the best credit. As a credit platform, we are committed to the satisfaction of our credit customers. And all is very simple: The loan is a true online loan and is fully requested from your own couch. Without paper, pen or unnecessary waiting.

Cheap Credit with Gandalf – Benefit from our advantages

Not recommended & free

At Gandalf make your loan request even without registering. No tedious processes, no registration with personal data: Due to our quick preliminary check, the application is even more binding than ever and makes the search for a loan child’s play. Of course, every request is absolutely free and transparent and with no obligation.

Convincing speed

Credit in 24 hours, immediately on the account. This has been a reality at Gandalf for years. As an online credit platform, our loan processing is 100% digital, which streamlines the processing of credit. We dispense with the dispatch of paper and letter and thus save you not only a lot of effort, but also a lot of time. With us you can see your money directly in the account within a few hours. Because a loan should give you no headache.

Higher chances

Not only do we collaborate with traditional banks, we also act as a lending platform as intermediaries between private investors and money-seeking borrowers. In this way we are expanding the possibilities, as the application is not only checked for a single bank but is compared with different specifications. This increases the chances of a loan commitment compared to the house bank.

Security & Privacy

Gandalf is based in the financial metropolis of Frankfurt am Main and is very familiar with the financial world. We pay attention to your safety and only use secure data transmission channels to communicate only encrypted. Our servers are located in data centers in Germany and are certified according to the strict ISO 27001 standards.

Flexibility in repayment

You can repay your loan at any time and do so completely free of charge at any given time. As fast as the borrowing is, so fast is this paid back. You choose your own loan request and decide whether you pay in fixed installments or reduce the term of the loan through special repayments. The flexibility gives you more opportunities to choose the best way.

Informative: Credit Dashboard

You can always see the status of your loan in your personal credit dashboard. How much is still open, how much has already been paid, when is the next installment due? All this is integrated in your customer login. With our loan lexicon we can deliver you a wealth of information on the subject of “credit”. From prepayment penalties through legitimacy checks to two-thirds interest rates: we provide information on loans and finances.

Credit is not equal to credit

A car loan, a loan from home or even a loan without credit score: We deliver more than just the classic installment loan and find solutions for every (even difficult) situation with our partners. Every credit requirement is different and each financial situation is individual. Gandalf works on new solutions every day to deliver the right offer.

How to apply for a loan

According to the latest “credit score compass”, interest in installment loans in Germany remains consistently high. Over 7.7 million installment loan agreements would be concluded in 2016 alone. This corresponds to almost every 10th German, which thus has an open credit liability. Most of the credit for the financing of the car, the so-called car loan, used in which in turn serves the vehicle registration of the bank as collateral. Nevertheless, the completed unsecured installment loans.

Credit from credit platform

Specialized loan platforms such as Gandalf make it possible to offer new financing solutions for individuals throughout Germany. The combination of private investors, specialized banks and many years of experience brings together the best of the classic financial world and the modern Internet world. The principle of a credit platform is quite simple. They have also become known as peer-to-peer loans (“P2P”) or “crowdlending”. A large number of people provide part of their savings and “invest” in a loan – the so-called crowd. On the other side are borrowers who have expressed a desire for funding. The lending platform then matches supply and demand and creates a win-win situation for investors and borrowers: investors, the “crowd,” receive interest and principal payments on their savings, rather than letting it languish on a call money account. And borrowers get a new, easy way to borrow. Who benefits from a credit platform? In particular, self-employed and freelancers have new opportunities to take out a loan.

How to apply for a loan

Immediate commitment to the loan
Commitment to the credit in a few seconds directly on the PC

Online identification & contract signature
No pen, no paper, no printer: sign contracts digitally

Payment in 24 hours
Upon receipt of the signed contract, we will pay immediately

The Big Credit Comparison

Personal loans

A personal loan is a form of credit intended exclusively for private individuals. Thus, a personal loan differs from a loan for a small or medium-sized enterprise, so-called “SME loans”. Personal loan is therefore the classic solution for private individuals when it comes to financing private projects. Compared to private loans, it differs, as a personal loan is also offered by many banks and the lenders are not private individuals.

Online credit

An online loan is a loan that is requested by the borrower exclusively online. Many vendors enable online credit comparison on your platform. Online credit providers are often banks specializing in lending, direct banks or specialized credit intermediaries that provide quick credit through online lending . The application is made online only for online loans. Consulting services via e-mail, telephone or even chat and video telephony are becoming increasingly familiar with many specialized providers of online loans, which is why several advantages are combined: an uncomplicated application with personal support for applying for the loan. A comparison of online credit is particularly worthwhile for the sake of favorable interest rates.

instant credit

An instant loan is characterized by speed of application and speed of application. He often resembles an online loan. The check is carried out immediately automated, which allows a quick payment of the instant loan . The instant loan is establishing itself more and more as the ideal solution if the application is to be made simply and quickly. Innovative finance technology companies make instant loans easier to access, as the application is not made at the bank branch, which speeds up the process to disbursement.

Mini loan or microcredit

A mini loan or microcredit is also known as a so-called short-term loan. A mini loan has several features that distinguish it from a classic installment loan. Firstly, the loan amount of the loan is limited to a few thousand euros, sometimes even just a few hundred euros. Due to the low loan amount, the repayment time is reduced to a few months. The small loan volume allows a quick check, which is why a well-known form of mini-loan with immediate payment . The amounts are thus in your bank account within 24 hours. Gandalf also connects various partners through which you can apply for a microcredit.

Lightning loan or quick loan

A lightning loan, also known as a quick loan or an emergency loan, is a loan in which the fast payout is important. This is a special form of installment loan, in which the loan application until payment is only a few days, at best hours. A lightning loan is particularly suitable when urgent funding gaps have to be closed or bridged. These include, for example, important repairs to the home, the cost of a bill the car repair shop or unforeseen, unavoidable medical expenses. The comparison of lightning loans is worthwhile, despite the great need to pay a favorable interest.

credit without

The loan without credit score is a special form of the classic installment loan, in which the credit check without credit score takes place. This is unnatural compared to the credit of a classic bank, as many banks rely on the credit score. It is important to run a credit comparison to only find reputable providers. When comparing credit without credit score providers, you should be careful to apply for a loan without any pre-charges and fees. This tells you if the financier is serious. Gandalf cooperates as a specialized credit intermediary with various partner institutions and private lenders and offers borrowers the opportunity to apply for a loan without credit score online .

Private credit

The private loan is a form of loan where the lenders are private lenders or even institutional investors. There are various providers, which is why a credit comparison is worthwhile. Due to the legal structure, lending in Germany always requires a bank as lender. However, various banks offer the possibility of financing these loans through private lenders and thus enable so-called “crowd lending “, whereby the loan is made possible from private to private . Interest and principal payments thus flow back to private investors, who benefit from the lending of money against interest from an attractive alternative to classical investments. Gandalf automatically connects private lenders with private borrowers and allows you to apply for a home loan through the online platform.

lend money

Borrowing money from home is a comparatively simple and fast alternative to the classic installment loan. Private individuals borrow money from other individuals via online platforms. The sums of money are individually negotiable. Private individuals can quickly borrow 500 euros, but even larger sums of money such as 5,000 euros credit are quite conceivable. Gandalf allows you to borrow money from home to office via its online platform. In this case, applications from those seeking money are automatically forwarded by an algorithm to a large number of savers who make their money available on successful examination. Thus, lending money is professionalized and both private investors and borrowers benefit from a quick and easy application.

Swatch Credit: The credit from abroad

Various terms have been used in language that have similar meanings. A Swatch loan is usually the same as a “loan from abroad” or a “loan with credit score”. The difference to the classic bank loan or online loan is the location of the lenders. A Swatch loan is requested from foreign banks that require special criteria for the audit. Thus, a Swatch loan is equivalent to a loan in spite of credit score, as foreign credit institutions assess their credit rating on the basis of various criteria. A credit comparison is worthwhile, as the interest rates for Swatch loans can be higher.

Credit from credit intermediaries: professionals for every case

A free credit comparison often pays off with specialized credit intermediaries who can use credit comparisons to address a large number of partner banks. Whether online loans, bank loans or special loans: a loan from credit intermediaries has the advantage that credit intermediaries are specialized in the needs of customers and at the same time cooperate with several banking and financing partners. This offers good opportunities for a credit comparison. Many agents are now online, making the free online loan comparison easier. Gandalf is a specialized credit intermediary working with various financing partners. In addition to banking partners, loans are also financed by private individuals, which is why the range of possible solutions differs from other credit intermediaries.

Installment Loan: The classic

Whether online credit, civil service loan or personal loan: all these variants are only specific forms of the installment loan. The installment loan is, so to speak, the collective term for a variety of loan types. An installment loan will therefore receive a certain loan amount repaid in constant installments over a given period. The effective interest rate of the installment loan depends on the duration, the credit rating, as well as the provider. The repayment of installment loans is usually annuity (see also annuity loan). This means that the rate is stable over the term of the loan. To apply for an installment loan , you only need a laptop or smartphone at Gandalf.

Car loan, car loan or car loan

The most common type of personal loan in Germany is car loan or vehicle financing. The car is the most financed consumer good in Germany, which is why every year billions of car loans are issued by specialized auto banks and direct banks. The financing of the car is possible in different ways, be it about balloon financing, classic unsecured installment loans or a car loan, in which the car is assigned as collateral and the customer benefits from cheaper credit terms. The application can be made directly to the dealer. An early application is possible to pay the car directly from the dealer and benefit from the cash discount.

Online credit with video ident and electronic signature

Special providers allow the application for an online loan from the sofa. This is made possible by online identification , digital bank statements and the so-called “eSign”, the electronic signature. These innovations make it possible to apply for online loans with immediate payment. A loan with online ident and the “eSign” is often associated with a quick payout of the money. However, an accurate credit comparison is worthwhile.

Consumer Credit: Fast financing for shopping

It is worthwhile to apply for consumer credit to finance consumer spending. Consumer credit basically has no purpose limitation and is at your own disposal. He is an interesting opportunity to obtain a cash injection, which can be freely available. Thus, at the same time a car financing completed and paid for the next vacation. To take up a consumer loan, it is worthwhile to compare different offers. Gandalf already offers an individual interest rate within just a few minutes thanks to the simple check.

Modernization loan: Everything for the house

The modernization loan is a form of credit that owners use to modernize their home or real estate. It is similar to the renovation and the renovation loan. A modernization loan is not necessarily earmarked, which is why there is no entry in the land register when a modernization loan is taken out. Since there is no entry in the land register, the sums of a loan in comparison to a home loan are generally smaller and rarely exceed 5-digit loan amounts.

Student loan or student loan

The student loan, serves the purpose of financing a degree course. Student loans may differ from traditional installment loans because student loan disbursements are not in the form of a single disbursement but in the form of regular payments. In this way, monthly or quarterly living costs are covered. The repayment of the student loan takes place after a possible waiting period in regular installments. Special repayments in the form of early repayments are often free of charge for many providers.

5 reasons that speak for a Gandalf loan

Lending rate without registration

You do not have to register yourself before you receive an individualized interest rate that suits your personal situation. In order for you to receive the calculated interest rate, it is important that you provide the data truthfully. Otherwise it is not possible for us to realistically assess your situation. We offer you an anonymous and free condition inquiry before final conclusion of the credit agreement.

100% online loan application

The loan application for your loan from Gandalf can be filled in from anywhere and then directly settled. Whether from your PC, smartphone or tablet. A walk in the bank branch with long waiting times and elaborate paperwork you save yourself. Make applying for your loan for convenience.

Loan with favorable interest rate: Non-binding comparison

With fully automated, digital processes, Gandalf gives you the chance to complete a loan online in minutes. In addition, the automated processing of your application allows the payment of the loan in less than 24 hours. Gandalf turns your credit into an instant loan.

The full overview: transparency in the repayment

Through our innovative dashboard, you keep track of your current loan at a glance. Simply log in to our website with your e-mail address and password and click on Overview in the Credit tab to get comprehensive information about your loan.

Savings potential with favorable credit

Great savings potential compared to ordinary loans. Gandalf offers you top interest rates, so that you can not only fulfill your wishes, but that you can afford it. With a loan from Gandalf, you can save a lot of money on all interest costs and fees compared to other providers. More in the following credit example.

Frequently asked questions about credit

How long does it take to pay my loan?

The duration of the payout depends entirely on you. Fill out the loan application with your details and send us all the information. Once the loan agreement is ready, you can sign it online and complete it immediately. We will then take care of the payment of your loan. As a result, the money usually goes into your checking account within 1 hour and 48 hours.

Does a second borrower help with the loan application?

A second borrower in the application process can increase the chances of a commitment. Currently only selected partners of Gandalf offer the admission with a second borrower. The Gandalf Schnellkredit is currently only possible for individual borrowers.

What is a residual debt insurance / residual credit insurance and can I apply for this?

When taking out a residual debt insurance, it is possible that in different cases, such as incapacity for work or death, the insurance company pays the outstanding installments and pays them. The residual credit insurance is thus an element of security, since the rates are taken over in the worst case by an insurance company. Gandalf currently offers no residual debt insurance. Only selected partners can offer the conclusion of a residual credit insurance in individual cases.

How does the immediate payment of the loan work?

In the case of immediate payment, the loan is transferred to the current account of the borrower within a few hours. For this it is necessary that the entire loan application has been completed, that a legitimation has been carried out and the credit agreement has been signed. The latter is possible via the video identification of our partner IDnow. In this process, the borrower identifies via a video chat and signs the loan contract with the input of a mobile TAN or SMS TAN.

Online identification / video ident

Online identification or video identification is a procedure with which the legally required identification can be carried out. The conclusion is very simple: By using a smartphone or laptop with a camera, the customer can identify. For this purpose, talk to a video agent for about 3 to 4 minutes, who will record the data of the applicant. The video identification process has been gaining more and more momentum in recent years as the completion of online products is easier and there is no need to go to the post office.

The credit and the credit score

Banks are required to verify their creditworthiness, also known as “credit standing” or “credit check”. Nearly all banks are adding a credit scoreauskunft. The credit score (General Collateral Association) is a credit bureau providing information on the creditworthiness of consumers and businesses. Banks trust the credit scorescore, which assesses the creditworthiness of a borrower. If a borrower has a negative credit score entry, then borrowing from a bank – even your own house bank – is almost impossible. Nonetheless, there are new providers in the market as well as banks from other European countries, which allow a loan with negative credit score. The bank dispenses with the inquiry of credit score and uses other criteria to check the creditworthiness of the borrower.

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